It appears that I'm living the life of an all-day breakfast. If only I had ordered the waffles instead. ;)

There are a number of projects on my plate that just don't seem to be going away. Even a healthy sprinkling of fairy dust hasn't done anything for me. (Shouldn't have left the cap off, I guess.)

But all I can do is work through it all one step at a time. At least we finally got the Christmas decorations down yesterday. And no, we don't do outdoor lights -- we leave that up to the folks across the street with the alien spacecraft landing-pad lighting that stays on their roof all year long. ;)

I must hang my head in shame as my extended deadline for the first draft of my current WIP passed an hour ago, and I'm nowhere near "THE END." Heck, I'm barely approaching the middle, yet I have a gazillion notes jotted down on scraps of paper, expired coupons and backs of bills scattered around the house.

There's no one to blame but me. Sure, I did make getting an hour a day in on the document a priority, but I fell into the trap of rereading everything from page one. By the time my hour was up, I'd barely get a page worth of new content! Ack!

So I am moving my deadline to February 29, 2008. And I mean it this time. Stamp saved.

But first, I need to get some z's.

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