I'm really looking forward to Friday.

To celebrate my friend Joanne's 40th birthday (she's the one with the famous seven-layer dip), we're going up in a hot air balloon with the sunrise to start her 40th year on an upward path.

I'm sooo excited. My fear of heights hasn't kicked in yet; I'm sure that'll hit me soon. ;)

And celebrating such a huge birthday reminds me that, even though we still feel and act like 16-year-olds, we're getting old. Like hot-flashes-may-be-starting-soon or bring-on-the-Metamucil old. Eek!

When on earth did this aging happen? Was it when I was sleeping?

Hopefully I'll look like a young 30-something on TV tomorrow...

OMG, the show airs tomorrow! So much for staying calm to avoid any more wrinkles. Then again, I never did nail down that "staying calm" thing. LOL

How do you keep your age at bay?

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