This is my 500th post and I apologize for the lack of paper umbrellas and tiki torches. They got held up at the border.  Oh, I had such grand plans for this post. It was going to be just like an A&E Biography, only without the video, celebrity comments and Bill Curtis narration. Still, it would have been really, really close. ;)

 Little did I know when I started this blog that I would actually keep on going. I'm not that much of a long-term planner; I'm more of a by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal. Which probably explains the somewhat sporadic posting. Hey, I try.

 And trying is what this post is about, as I work my way toward yet another self-imposed deadline that's slipping through my fingers like artificial sweetener. Oh yeah, the laundry and sorting through the piles on my desk is done, but the one task I wanted to complete by today is nowhere close to completion. And what makes matters worse is that I need to leave the computer in order to finish up another task, which is for a paying client and can't be delayed.

 Hmm. Maybe that's why I find it so easy to miss my own deadlines. It's not like I'm paying myself. Heck, it's not like anyone's paying me to work on my novels. Well, not yet. What scares me the most is what will I do when I get a contract for a book I haven't written yet? Will I suddenly be able to pour out words so quickly that my fingers will have a hard time keeping up? Or will it be just like it is now? You know, a total party. ;)

 So I'm behind on the Magic 8-ball. But maybe a journey away from the computer is something that my muse needs. After all, she's been working really hard at ignoring me and telling me that everything I've written over the past week is about as exciting as dust. Le sigh. And when I asked my own Magic 8-ball if this trip downtown would be good for me, it replied with the ever-so-useful: Better not tell you now. Great.

And how is your Monday?

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