Yes, I really did have a coupon for that ice cream sundae in my freezer. ;)

First, I have to say what a surreal experience it is seeing yourself on TV. While two of the gals, Nicole and Tracy, are actresses, the rest of us aren't. Well, I'm a media whore, but that really doesn't count, does it?

It's just so bizarre seeing things from the camera's point of view. Different things play through your head, like:

What on earth was I chewing on when they did that close up?

Wow, the camera really does add about five gazillion pounds!

Could I have at least brushed my hair before the cameras started rolling?

And then I got caught up in seeing everyone's stories. Please note for the record that Tracy is 37, not 39. Gotta love it when facts aren't double-checked.

Oh, and I'm a man. LOL

I can't speak for the other gals, but everything they showed about me is true. The "below average" message on the treadmill did happen. I'll get over it one day.

And I can't believe that Mary could hold a plank position for 31 seconds at the get-go! At the time I thought the plank position involved an eye patch and having a parrot on your shoulder.

Did you tune in? If so, what did you think? Are you gonna keep on watching?