Finally -- an episode where I'm just lingering in the background like a giddy wallflower. ;)

Okay, I don't know about you, but didn't you feel a little bit stressed when you saw all that Tracy and Mary have going on? It made me want to lie down with a soft blankie...and a small bowl of popcorn.

Seriously though, how do they do it all? They must have magic beans or a special timepiece like Hermione had in Harry Potter. And Clarice was finally able to make it to a workout, so now her friends and coworkers can stop teasing her about getting kicked off "Stuck Island."

No, the show is more like the song Hotel California: we can never leave.

Of course, since the focus wasn't on me this episode (I'll get over it one day), there's really no "behind the scenes" stuff to dish out. All I can say is that the DH was totally horrified by the state of Tracy and Todd's kitchen. And I found it interesting that Mary left her boots at the gym, and then her daughter left her gloves at school. Coincidence or genetics? The jury's still out on that.

Just when you thought Mary had enough going on already, she ended up getting a job -- in another freaking city! Oh yeah, so let's just add an 1-1/2-hour commute, looking for and selling a home and staging it all so they make millions to Mary's already jam-packed schedule. Oy! The gal must have a body double go to the office for her or something, don't you think?

Speaking of thinking, here are some Mary quotes: