This week is the infamous rock-climbing excursion. Or, as the DH calls it, "one very small step for Bonnie, one giant leap for everyone else." LOL

This was a hard one for me. Between my fear of heights and my frozen right shoulder, I just felt couldn't do it. And, as I so eloquently said on national television, that "f***ing sucks." (Sorry Mom.) It was great to see everyone give rock climbing a try, especially Mary, who was even more scared than I was about going up the wall.

And yeah, there was a little drama between Mary and I on this episode. Okay, maybe a lot of drama.

Ugh. Ever heard of Watergate? Well, the production team refers to this episode as the start of Ductgate -- a huge dilemma brought on by a thoughtless comment made by little old me. And the reason I call it thoughtless is simple: I didn't think it would hurt anyone's feelings. That was never my intent.

If you didn't see it, let me try to explain. Of course, this is my version of events; I'm sure I'd appear even worse if anyone else told it. Especially if interpretive dance is used. ;)

After a really lousy experience (for me anyway) rock climbing, we all gathered to talk about how the past week had been. You could feel Mary's stress from about five miles away. And really, who wouldn't be stressed changing jobs, trying to move, trying to work out and eat right all while being a wife, mother and dog owner?

So Mary was telling us how her daughter was driving her crazy one evening, and I, feeling the need to lighten things up, suggested that she try putting duct tape over her daughter's mouth to keep her quiet.

It was meant as a joke. And it totally backfired.

Now I'm sure a bunch of mothers (or even pet owners who feel I was way out of line) who watched tonight's episode are now burning photos of me (or crude drawings) and carrying big sticks while on their way up my driveway, ready to call me names and throw rolls of duct tape at my head.

And this isn't the last we're gonna hear about most uncomfortable on-camera conversation happens next week. Thank goodness I've worked on my core strength -- I'm gonna need it when Mary beats the crap out of me while showing off her new tattoo!

Have I mentioned yet that groups make me kind of uncomfortable? Oy...