No, that's not a euphemism for anything. ;)

We had the carpets cleaned at Casa Staring today. Of course, we waited for the hottest and muggiest day of 2008, but I had a coupon that expires at the end of the week and this was the only day we didn't have something important scheduled. You know, like shopping for ice cream or watching episodes of Season 2 of Melrose Place.

So I spent a large hunk of yesterday plotting the new WIP and moving furniture around. The DH was off doing a "simple computer upgrade," so I knew he'd be gone for at least 24 hours. ;) And, I have to say, I surprised myself at my ability to haul furniture from one room to the other -- with a curious cat circling around my heels no less.

Once the dust settled, I realized how large some of the rooms in our home are. Wow, without the furniture, it looks like we can put a hot tub and pool table in the living room. Chocolate fountain in the corner? No problem! Full karaoke setup? Bring it on!

But then we wouldn't have places to sit down...or a spot for the gazillion magazines I subscribe to.

And the cat would like to have his scratching post somewhere handy. Like not on top of the dryer.

So, while we waited for the carpets to dry (with all fans in the house going), DH and I decided to shake out the curtains. I remember the last time we did this, it was very cold outside and people walking by pointed at us and called us names like "idiot" and "freak". Then again, it could have been the cheese hats we were wearing at the time.

The best part of shaking out the curtains was when Zaphod, who turns 1 on July 15, raced out onto the front step to assist in the shaking process.

Of course, he was probably excited because the curtains were finally free from those silly rods that hold them in place and make them impossible to tear down from the wall. He's tried. Really hard.

DH and I swung the curtains, causing dust mites to fly through the air and a black and white cat to jump for joy -- or at least try to jump onto the curtain and go for a ride. Maybe he thinks it's a magic carpet. Heck, maybe it is and Zaphod has discovered a way to re-hang the curtains once he gets back home.

Now that would be a trip!

Can't wait to see what the cat does when we re-tile the kitchen floor. ;)

P.S. This photo is not of Zaphod, but he looks a lot like our cat. Those curtains bear no resemblance to ours, thank goodness. ;)

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