Oh my goodness, there are only three episodes left!

This week truly showed how far we've all come along on our journeys. Tracy's crowded-beyond-belief office is finally a safe haven, Clarice has finally put her depression out for garbage pick-up and Mary has finally realized that what she needs to be happy is already around her.

Yeah, there were good vibes all over the place.

Playing beach volleyball has never been on my list of things to do, but Nicole made it fun. I'm not a big fan of games where objects come flying through the air at you, but at least my feet were completely exfoliated after running around on the sand for an hour.

And for some reason playing without my glasses on improved my ability to hit the ball. Hmm.

Next week we're all coming back to beach volleyball, this time with another instructor so Nicole can kick our butts as a team member instead of a.b...beach volleyball expert. ;)

Going back to kickboxing was the best! Not only was I able to keep up this time around, I really could feel how well my strength, stamina and overall fabulousness have improved (yeah, I learned that from Nicole). Watching Clarice and her daughter Simone work out together was fun too -- you couldn't tell who was 52 and who was 31!

While everyone's bodies have changed for the better, so have our attitudes. Sure, there may be days when we really don't wanna work up a sweat or eat something green and leafy, but we feel like sludge when we don't. And that's the part that scares me sometimes. Because I grew used to feeling like sludge for 40 years -- so it may be really easy for me to fall onto the sludge wagon if I let it happen.

So I guess I'll just have to make sure it doesn't. But I'm still gonna have ice cream if I feel like it -- and if I have a coupon.

Next week is also another round of kickboxing, OOPS! I mean rock climbing -- don't expect to see me anywhere near there!

Oh, and I can't believe the show left in the part where I comment on all of my clothes being too big and ask viewers to send their money in so I can buy new clothes. LOL

Hey, I wonder if I should wait by the mailbox, just in case...