This has to be one of my favourite episodes so far, because watching Nicole and Magnolia totally murder a really expensive steak using a potato masher, a grill and a pound of butter was just way too much fun!

And there I was thinking I didn't know anything about cooking. ;)

This was a fun day since we didn't have to work out! Hooray! No, we're still working out with our trainers and everything, but most of us still feel challenged when it comes to eating right and actually preparing food that doesn't have a gazillion calories or carbohydrates.

We had a cooking class with a nutritionist (who's way too cute and skinny) and a chef who taught us a few tricks about cooking things properly and eating well. It was a great exercise for all of us, even though Nicole admitted she was out of her depth.

Oh yeah, I'd totally agree to that.

My DH also got some screen time in when the cameras followed us to Clarice's gym -- it's waaay bigger than the one we normally go to so we knew we'd be able to find equipment to work on. We also got to see what the director refers to as "Springtime in Vespa Land" -- footage of me being able to get on the scooter properly and Aden and I driving around the neighborhood.

The sad part is they filmed us for about two hours to get those 20 seconds. Le sigh. But the "behind the tulips" footage was really good -- I hope my neighbor with all those tulips was able to tune in and see them. ;)

No tulips were harmed in the filming of this episode.

And it was so nice to see Nicole trying on wedding gowns! My goodness, it's easy to forget that she's engaged and planning a wedding. How exciting, nerve-wracking and all that good stuff. I'll let you know if she invites us for her big day.

Magnolia was just too much fun this week, getting drunk while trying to cook and passing out at Nicole's place. LOL What a party animal!

But you really have to tune in next week where we take on two activities: beach volleyball and spinning. You won't believe how much Clarice swears like a sailor when she's working out at her maximum potential! She's a true force to be reckoned with!