Oh, it's a big messy world out there.

And yes, this is a post about email loops again. So feel free to move on to more entertaining blogs about spray cheese and agoraphobia instead of the idle rants of a woman who just wants everyone to get along. ;)

There's a club I belong to. I've been a member for a while and I have a pretty good time there, so I keep on going.

What kind of bothered me (aside from the DJ's preference to current dance hits as opposed to an '80s retro vibe) was that it took me forever to discover that there was a special party room for those of a particular status. How I found out about the room, I really can't remember, since there was no mention of it upon entering the main doors of the club or even in the gossip magazines.

Now that I had access, I wanted to let everyone else know where the room was. You know, just in case they wanted to hang out near the chocolate fountain. So I spread the word.

And I was surprised at how a few club regulars got all angsty about things, wanting to know why they hadn't known about this room ever before. As if I was holding back.

But I wasn't. My intent was to make people aware of the room, not taunt them about their lack of knowledge or make them feel like they've been missing out.

Because they really haven't. It's just a room. Even the chairs are the same as all the others.

I guess it just goes to show that knowledge has power. The power to inform, the power to engage and the power to make some people cranky. LOL

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