I hate to say it, but I'm feeling blogged down lately.

And it appears I'm not the only one out there. Maybe it's because I'm finally getting some solid work on the WIP and the gazillion other writing projects on my plate. Or I could just not have much to say that doesn't sound like I'm getting all cranky over nothing.

Oh, but I do have something to go on and on about: the kitten.

Zaphod is totally enjoying the arrival of spring. When he's not at the window, following the activities of birds or those evil squirrels, he's at the front door, waiting to be put into his harness.

Yes, Zaphod has fully accepted the harness and doesn't struggle too much when we put it on him. Perhaps that's because he gets to go for walkies and explore all over our front yard, driveway, backyard, the neighbour's yard (she has a nice patio) and try to squeeze in the gap under our front steps.

And he does it all while looking terribly handsome.

It appears that Zaphod's main goal when he gets outside is to cover himself with bits. This is easily accomplished by lying down near broken sidewalk paths or gravel and rolling a bit. He's very good at it.

He also practices his poses in case Tyra Banks drops by when she's casting for America's Next Top Housecat. Look at those eyes! He's waay fierce.

And, of course, all this rolling, hunting and posing does leave a poor kitten exhausted.

Can't wait until we get the hammock set up in the backyard this summer -- I know one member of this household who'll get plenty of use out of it!

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