The writing is still going well, so hopefully I haven't jinxed myself by bragging about it here. It's been a productive week and the weather is still wintry. So it's only a partial boo hoo.

Here's what's been getting in my way this week:

I don't know if it was because it was a short month or everyone suddenly thought it would be a great time to promote themselves, but my inbox has been jammed with a lot of stuff.

And, in some cases, it was a lot of stuff from the same people. Grr.

I'm all for tooting your own horn and getting word out about new products, services or whatever it is that you do, but emails are truly a case where, in my opinion, less is more.

How much is too much? It probably depends on the individual. For me, unless you're offering me information that's updated frequently, I don't want to hear from you more than once a month. In fact, even if you have updated stuff, group it all together for your next newsletter instead of sending me little bits every week.

Let me miss you. Please.

Sure, I could simply unsubscribe, but then I might miss out on something, like the reason I subscribed to your mailing list in the first place. ;)

That takes me to the murky waters of lists. Sometimes I'm on a mailing list simply because I contacted the emailer for another reason. As a writer, I could have been doing research for an article, or asking if I could quote the person for my expose on the high cost of pork rinds. Does that mean I want to receive your ongoing mutters about yourself? Probably not.

Now I know I'm ranting to the choir, but what do you feel is appropriate promotional contact? Once a quarter? Once a month? When is it too much?

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