I really don't know what happened. For the longest time I was staring at my WIP, willing it to write itself, when suddenly the muse pulled back into town. And she's shown no signs of leaving.

Of course, my daily word count isn't nearly as high as I'd like it to be (especially with March 31 looming around the corner), but I'm making progress. Freaking progress, at that.

With all this writing and doing the paying work, that doesn't leave a lot of time for much else. Still, I'm finding time to watch way too much TV, and even get a little peeved when President Obama made The Biggest Loser appear two nights in a row.

Still, that man makes me believe just about anything is possible. Even my novel. LOL

Then I started thinking about what has made the past two weeks different for me with my writing? It's still cold outside and I'm in dire need of a spa day, but something is making the words flow more freely.

It could be that I'm fighting the fear more effectively.

You see, this is my last kick at this particular can before I call it a day and move on. Life is too short to spend years on one novel. With a box of shiny new ideas clamoring for my attention, I have to be more selective about the projects I spend my time on.

So, even though I'm afraid of having to let this one go, I'm no longer afraid to give it my best shot first. My characters deserve it. And maybe it'll be the first in a series.

Hey, you never know. ;)

What about you? When do you decide to give up on a project and move on to the next one?

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