Things have been a little sparse here in BonnieLand, and it may continue for while longer before I get back to posting more often.

My excuse? I can no longer multi-task worth a damn -- and haven't even been able to check out all the cool blogs I normally visit. Right now I'm finding out what's going on by talking to people or emailing.

Talking? Emailing? Next thing you know, I'll be sending letters by mail again. ;)

DH and I are also planning some getaway time -- together -- and we're feeling all angsty about leaving poor Zaphod back at home with our friends coming in to feed him. I know, we're being totally irrational and it will be way harder for us than our kitten, but we can't help ourselves.

He's probably just waiting for us to finalize the dates so he can contact his party planner.

And it's actually nice outside (well, nice is relative, since they're calling for snow tomorrow). Stuff is growing in the garden and it looks like we need to decide if we should seed the lawn or just pave over it and rent it out for parking space.

But then where would the hammock and inflatable pool go?

I'm also working like an overzealous limbo dancer as my deadline of April 12 approaches for my WIP rework. It's gonna get done, but with about 120 pages to go, it won't be pretty. Hopefully it will be in English. LOL

What are your big plans for April?

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