The WIP that should be done by now and I are having some issues. Not only should it be done (yeah, define "done" LOL), but it should be simmering with a nice, tidy synopsis, preparing for the great agent hunt.

But it's not. And there's no stinkin' synopsis yet. The "THE END" is a little further off than I realized. Like about five gazillion miles.

Or I could just be overthinking things, which tends to happen when I spend way too much time alone with Zaphod the kitten.

If only the little guy could edit for me, it would be so much easier. ;)

So I took a Hugh Jackman break today (blame Michelle) and went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Yes, I went and paid money to see a film I could have downloaded from the Internet. Forgive me for being someone who enjoys sitting in a theatre (well, one that's free of people on cellphones) and eating bad-for-you butter-covered popcorn while watching bare-chested men prance about onscreen.

Okay, there wasn't all that much prancing, but it was nice seeing Hugh in front of a backdrop of exploding things. It really brought out his features.

And, as someone not too familiar with all things X-Men, I enjoyed it. It did feel kind of long, though, and Hugh's hair was the exact same length throughout the film, even when he was in the military.

Yeah, that bugged me. It really shouldn't have, but it was on my mind as I watched Hugh slice and dice some enemies. Le sigh.

While the film distracted me from my evil crankiness of doom, I still had to come back home to the WIP. An intervention is scheduled for tomorrow. A trip to the Dr. Phil house may be in order. I'll keep you posted.

How about you? Did you find Hugh's hair distracting in X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

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