That's the new show I'm pitching to Nigel Lithcote. Have people audition for a chance to eat their way to a top prize of a contract with Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. Woot!

Each round will have contestants pig out on different food items. Some good and some, thanks to comments on another post - hoboriffic!

The best will be the final elimination round, where the top two contestants will have to eat their weight in squid - how cool would that be to watch?

And, for those with no appetite, we still have spots available on America's Funniest Botox Treatments or America's Next Top Carwash Attendant.

"Nine squeegee kids stand before me..."

There are opportunities everywhere people!

And that's why I'm staying right here, ass in chair, until I crack 40K on the WIP this week. It can be done. It is possible. I just have to get the hobo homicides out of my mind and the next few chapters should just roll off my fingertips


Spent a fun-filled day at Canada's Wonderland with the DH yesterday. Went on a ton of rides and successfully resisted the urge to hurl. We picked a perfect day, as most kids are still recovering from school (or are locked inside) and the threat of rain kept the wimps home.

As usual, the Italian Job ride shut down while we were in line, but we were near the front so we stayed put and peered over the tops of people's heads to see what was going on. No body bags or screeching metallic noises, so they got things running again in about ten minutes or so. (Which, of course, felt like hours when you're standing in the bright sun.)

Okay, back to Word.