From The Toronto Star:
Cancer (June 22 — July 22)
Your personal business is something for you and for you only. Some information can be passed to others, but there are those things that ought to remain very private. So, be careful whom you talk to and listen.

From MSN:
Your creativity is at an all-time high today, dear Cancer. You are inspired to embark on some long-term creative projects and you have the energy to see them through to the end. This is a time for you to take a leap of faith and plunge right in. Hesitation will get you nowhere. Whatever it is you have been dreaming of doing, do it now.

And this is why I'm filling up a post with horoscopes, riding that all-time creative high. :::scribbles on a Post-It and displays it as art:::

Although the muse appears to still be snowed in near Buffalo (it'll all melt soon, won't it?) I can proudly say that online edits for Suds start TODAY. Woot! I'm a week ahead of schedule, time to laze about and eat bon bons. :::takes another dose of insulin to be on the safe side:::

It was really tempting to start the online edits while still revising the back end of the novel, but I resisted and remained focused. So focused that I'm feeling the eye strain big time.

Hopefully I can get a big hunk of the edits completed this weekend so I have time to prepare for my contest club meeting on Tuesday.

Yes, my world is looking mighty fine right now, no matter what the stars are saying.