The head cold that will not go away has almost defeated me. But I have too much on my plate to give in an curl up in bed until I can breathe again. ;)

Much has been happening at Casa Staring. A new kitchen table has arrived along with a new front door! The DH is encouraging me not to paint our existing front door bright orange for Halloween. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

We also spent most of the weekend looking for cans of Clark baked beans so that I can enter a contest. They can't be found in my neighbourhood -- we went to seven different grocery store chains and even Wal-Mart, which will certainly take another few years off my life.

They're out there, I just know it. Now if I could just find the energy to get out of my pj's.

I've also been doing a lot of thinking, which is dangerous even without the head cold. And most of my thoughts have been about (surprise, surprise) writing. How hard it can be. How easy it can be. How rejection can be a gift. How vengeance has three e's in it. ;)

You see, figuring out my current WIP was like looking for that particular brand of baked beans. Did I need to work on it? Not really. Did I want to work on it? Totally! It was just that something wasn't right. I blamed it on the whole "writing what I thought would sell instead of what I wanted to write" thing, but that was only part of the problem.

My heroine is a fabulous character who needs her story told; it's just that I had her at the wrong age. Instead of a 35-year-old forced to return home, she's really a teenager counting the days to finally get the hell out.

Wrote eight pages yesterday, which hasn't happened for a while, despite my December 31 deadline. Looks like I might just have enough enthusiasm for this project to take on Nano (National Writing Month) after all...