Have I told you how much I love the North Texas RWA Great Expectations writing contest yet?

No, my entry didn't get selected as one of the finalists this year, but it came really, really close. Like, by FIVE points. And I'm okay with it, honestly. Because the main reason I entered this contest was to get some feedback on my WIP's opening scene, which kind of bugged me.

Turns out it bugged three other people too, but not too much. ;)

Of course, this wonderful news has totally taken me away from the current final, final, final revision of my other manuscript. You know, the one with a due date of March 31, 2009. The rewrite that's still sitting at Chapter One, waiting for the writer to get back to the keyboard after checking over all the judges' comments on that brighter, shinier WIP.

Yup, I need to focus. In an all capped kind of way. ;)

I'm so easily swayed by my love of all things contesting. Le sigh. And it's all a roll of the dice. Through all the contests I've entered, I've learned that there are two types of judges:

- Ones who like it

- Ones who don't

The three times I've entered the Great Expectations contest (even with the manuscript that should never have seen the light of day), I've been lucky in getting judges who like my voice and style, even with weak plots and characters who make no sense whatsoever. Maybe that's why I have great expectations about the Great Expectations contest. LOL

How about you? Are there any novel writing contests that you LOVE to enter?

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