While this has been a very productive month for me, I can't help but allow a wee pout over the fabulous prizes that have yet to enter my life the past few weeks. Sigh.

I guess in terms of contests, I'm stuck in Contestant's Row. Figures. I'll have to wait for Kreskin to confirm it though.

Then again, I have won over a few magazine editors who have now hit me up for repeat business. Woot! So instead of hurting my brain trying to come up with oodles of super-groovy ideas, I now receive emails from editors saying "hey Bonnie, can you write this article on underwater Elvis sightings or 101 uses for old nylons for us?"

Now that's pretty darn cool. Especially when I have a lot of the research done (for these and many other topics) already. :)

Of course, I'm still sending out query letters to other publications. Because the Canadian magazine industry is about as stable as... the San Andreas Fault. (My apologies to any Southern Californians. I'm sure you're fine, really.) Between the time I contacted one editor, received back issues of her magazine and sent her two story ideas (three weeks), she had been replaced. Ouch!

Speaking of sure things, I find it funny that two "guaranteed" jobs that I had prepared quotations for have vanished into thin air. All I can say right now is thank goodness, because I have five magazine articles, the rest of a week-long proof-reading gig, a website build and my book revisions (which start September 1) all happening at once. Good times.

And all I've been wanting to do is press the red button on Nienke's site.