The DH and I attended a fabulous wedding yesterday. Yes, it was on a Friday afternoon, which was nice since it's left our weekend free and clear.

We were able to sit on the bride's side - with all the men in kilts. There's nothing like hearing comments with a Gaelic accent to add a little colour to the festivities.

"Oh she looks lovely. Such a bonnie lass."

"Ach, she's cryin' already. Her father must have a tissue in his sporren."

Despite the morning rain, the sky had cleared for an outdoor ceremony at 4:00 pm. Her father claims it was because of the bagpiper, who told him that it never rains when he plays.

Oh, there were bagpipes aplenty. For the procession, for the receiving line and for the introduction of the bride and room. It was rumoured that haggis would be served, but the in-laws wouldn't hear of it. I will send them a thank-you note on Monday.

What was really nice was having an entire side of the family warm up to me because of my name. Seems that my parents gave me entry into a secret society filled with clans, hard liquor and wild dances like the Gay Gordon. I can't begin to describe it, but it looked like fun.

And, even though the DH and I knew only 4 people out of the 60 or so in attendance, we had a fabulous time. They even played Boney M. After Sinatra, of course.