Before I forget what this feels like, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on what a pretty cool day this was.

1. I finally received overdue payments from three clients, so I have that ever-so-elusive feeling of disposable income.

2. No psychic stalker letters today (2 this week though, but none today).

3. I had paying work today, and picked up more for next week.

4. I came up with two great article ideas that I can query.

5. I received extra coupons for McDonalds from a coworker who knows I go there whenever I come in to work for that particular company.

6. I sent a headshot and my deets to a casting agent for a well-paying commercial, and have been invited to audition. During our phone call the casting director asked if I was over 18. I thought she was kidding. She claims that I look very young in the photo I sent. I will have to use that photo for everything, including my passport, from now on.

7. No creepy neighbour sightings today.

8. And finally, the DH picked up 2 cases of Diet Coke for me. Now that's love!

If only my episode of You Bet Your Ass was being broadcast today (it should be on the last Friday in September), then life would be just perfect!