As if you really need to know that, but at least this way I've put it out there.

It's been a little frustrating on the headhunter front again. I think it's just that they can't deal with long weekends, truth be told.

Perhaps Bonequa should explain this for me.

"So there I was, mindin' my own bizness, when I gets the call. Opportunity be knockin' on my door, uh-hmm. Dat's 1-2-4 Bonequa Street.

Turns out I have just what some company needs. Dat's right. So I tells my agent. Oh, you knows I got an agent already, don't go giving me dat look. I tells my agent I can see them any time but Thursday morning.

So when do they book the meetin'? Thursday morning.

Before I whip out a fresh can of whoop-ass, I po-lite-ly axe why they booked the only time that Bonequa ain't able to represent.

The meetin' gets moved to the p.m.

Then I gets a request for another meeting with another client. From the same headhuntin' outfit: Hustla 4 Nothin' Inc.

Dat's when the man says to me: "Girl, we got another client who wants to see your face. I noticed we booked ya in the p.m. on Thursday, so I booked this one in the a.m. You can thank me later."

My inner biatch busted out. Forget about this cash-money; I'm being pimped out by baseheads."