The DH and I took a nice long walk this evening, stopping by the park in our neighbourhood and kicking some rebellious-looking teens off of the swings so we could take a turn. Okay, maybe they weren't all that rebellious. At least they cleared out as soon as we arrived so we didn't have to rumble.

Anyone else here remember Rumble Fish? Don't box me in... I even have Stan Ridgeway's album on LP. Shoot, there I go, aging myself again.

As we stood on our front porch to open the door, we heard our creepy neighbour hork from his porch. The dude lives across the street, but it felt like he had hooked up a Dobly digital sound system.

It wasn't as if Mr. Creepy couldn't see us, our porch light was on. His, on the other hand, was not. Which makes things even creepier. And since I can't see in the dark, he probably thinks I'm a snooty biatch because I never return his waves. If he's the type who waves and spits while standing on his porch in the dark.

Did I mention that he's single?