"Life is running 'round inside of me like a little squirrel."
--Olga Katrina, Grand Duchess of Russia

That's one of my favorite lines from the play, You Can't Take It With You. Mainly because it's delivered with such joy that you can't help but be swept up in its meaning. For me, it sums up the celebration of the little things.

You know, like having enough milk to make your morning cup of tea. Like meeting a puppy for the first time. Like watching a child create a work of art just because the markers and paper are there. Like stopping to listen to the rain.

For this change in perspective, I have to blame a yoga class. And spending some quality time with new friends. And then, once I got home, I finally picked up the phone to call my Grandma and my aunt, who both have at least two squirrels running around inside them at any given time. Oh yeah, the holidays are always fun with my family.

It's amazing how much faster time flies once you're at a certain age. Maybe it's because life's training wheels have finally fallen off. ;) Not that we don't have more to learn; it's just that we should know how to learn by now.

And I find it even more awesome to know that someone besides Dad and my TRW pals is reading this blog. Dolly: welcome and thank you!

So today, to celebrate Victoria Day in true Canadian fashion, I will boldly go outside in the cool May weather and yank out some weeds. Hopefully the squirrels won't attack.

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