Ugh. Now I know where I earned the moniker of "gym loser"!

I won't lie; this episode was hard for me to watch. Especially since it basically compared Nicole, the hot actress, to me, the couch potato who tends to fill her cupboards (and stomach) with carbs.

At least I can identify a sweet potato. Because we're totally related. ;)

It was very scary for me to go to a gym for the first time. There were so many questions running through my head:

What the heck do I wear?
Would there be chocolate fountains?
What kind of people would be there?
Would they all be skinny?
What the heck do I need to bring?
Was there a snack bar?
How about a steam room?

And most importantly:

Would my trainer Olga suddenly become the shouting-in-your-face Biggest Loser type of trainer I feared?

Turns out my imagination is a lot worse than reality. Though there were no chocolate fountains or a steam room, everyone seemed friendly and no, they weren't all skinny bitches. Olga even said she wanted to start things really slow...probably so I'd keep coming back.

But it wasn't a picnic. Not for a woman who felt that walking up the stairs once was a major workout. And, if I was carrying a can of Diet Coke as well, that counted as an extra half-flight. It was freaking hard. Muscles I didn't even know I had were the ones shouting at me, not my trainer.

So when Nicole told us that she was doing FIVE HOURS of cardio a week, I had a minor heart attack. At that point, Olga had me on an hour a week -- divided up into 20-minute sessions so I wouldn't get overwhelmed.

So there was Nicole, getting blisters on the bottoms of her feet, while I was gasping for breath once I got 3 minutes into my 20-minute workout. The tread on my sneakers still looked brand new.

Hopefully Aden will forgive me for sneaking into his chocolate stash. He made me pinkie-swear that I wouldn't do it again -- especially on camera. ;)

So, what did you think? Ready for next week's episode?