Okay. So I pre-ordered Twilight to get the extra-cool 3-disc version and the added bonus of an official film cell. Which thankfully features Edward and not Charlie, Bella's dad.

I wasn't going to watch it, but I just had to see the 22-minute interview with Stephanie Meyer.

And that's when I watched, transfixed, when she admitted she "kind of fell into writing" and didn't really plan on pursuing it until her sister insisted Stephanie's story should get published.

Oh. Mah. Gawd. Could you imagine if Twilight sat there under Stephanie's bed or tucked away in a cupboard? Not only would I have a big hunk of time back to do other things (since I've read three of the four books in the series and have now seen the film three times), but, more importantly, I wouldn't know Edward Cullen. And the thought makes me shudder.

There's just something about tortured souls that makes me happy. Go figure.

Now the DH is very happy to finally understand what the whole Twilight madness is about. Yeah, it was a real shocker when he declined on joining me and the gals to see the film in the theatre. While he describes it as an "angsty chick flick," he does admit he enjoyed it, despite my ongoing commentary and long, drawn-out sighs.

Zaphod, however, left during the baseball game.

So instead of spending the entire weekend writing, I got 12 pages done. It wasn't even half of what I aimed for, but it's better than nothing.

I'll do better tomorrow... as long as I unplug the DVD player. LOL

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