Now I understand why people work full time. It's to keep away from the telephone solicitors. This week alone, I've been offered several free estimates on windows and home renovations ("Lady, we do everything"), an opportunity to purchase a timeshare at a resort I'll never go to, digital cable (which would really hamper my WIP progress) and a few charities who need my money right now, thank you very much.

So that leaves very little time for everything else. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. But it takes me a while to get into the "zone" where the internal editor has shut off completely and I just write like the crazy woman that I truly am. I think it's a lot like catching the perfect wave when you're surfing. Not that I surf, mind you, but if I did, I'm sure it's just like hitting the utopian writing zone. Only drier, and with less sharks.

Of course, when interrupted while in the zone, brain cells sizzle and die. This makes it even harder for the writer to get back to it. Add in any frustration that the said interruption may have caused, and outside resources like food, drink, a movie, load of laundry or hour-long parade may have to be called in to simulate zone-like feelings so that the author is able to find them again despite the loss of brain cells.

Or we just move on to something else. For a "break". Sometimes these last a little longer than anticipated. Some never make it back.

So while I appreciate that telemarketing is a very difficult job, I don't appreciate that I'm on their call list. And yes, I have put myself on the "do not call" lists and all that fuss and bother, but there are still a few companies out there who are "behind in processing their lists".

One day I will be able to answer the phone with confidence, just not today...and tomorrow doesn't look good either.