There is a lot going on for the residents of Casa Staring. The acquisition of fabulous new items like curtains, a toilet seat and new fall boots have kept us busy, but it's the auditions and query letters that are taking centre stage,

Well, not exactly centre stage, because we're waiting to hear back from everybody before we can move forward. Please note that I'm using the royal we here, as the DH has to live with me while I wait for the answers that may change my life - in a non-Kreskin way.

Of course, if I had more going on right now, I wouldn't have time to waste wondering about the status of these articles and video shoots. I'd be hob-nobbing with celebrities at the film festival, getting my nails done with the girls or wallpapering the bathroom.

Or revising my novel. Sigh.

My "have it ready for the betas" date of October 31 is approaching fast, and I haven't even opened the document to take a peek and see if it's still there. It shouldn't be too horrific a task to revise. :::crosses fingers and toes:::

Now if only I could figure out where I left my muse...