Wow. It's been a week like no other for me. And here's why:

"I had no excuses this week."
Seriously. This was the most productive week I've had in ages in terms of my novel writing. Finished the first chapter (which took me forever to start because of, you know, all those excuses) and the brand-new synopsis.

Did it all in just over a week. Twenty-one pages in total.

Of course, at this rate it will take me three months to complete this rewrite instead of the six weeks I have left until March 31. But I'm not worried. This time I have an outline -- and character motivation that actually makes sense.

Oh, and a story that isn't bogged down my too much stuff. It kind of feels like streaking. ;)

So, instead of waxing poetic on this blog post, I'm going to tackle Chapter Two.

No excuses!