Thanks must go to Michelle for this great idea! I'm gonna shake things up a little by starting on a positive note:


5. It was during the 80's. Need I say more?

4. Being a "Cafe DJ". The school cafeteria was equipped with its own sound system, and I was part of the rotating DJ team to work the booth at lunch. It made me very popular. Especially when I played Duran Duran.

3. School dances. Of course, most of the time I was with a group of girls dancing around waiting for some dork to work up the courage to make our dreams come true, but the music was awesome. Sometimes we even had dry ice and stuff. Totally tubular.

2. Great friends (who don't do things such as those mentioned in the next section) like Kelly, who I still keep in touch with despite our questionable fashion choices in Grades 9 and 10. Heck, even now.

1. Drama class. I would not have survived high school without improv classes, cameo roles and zany characters. That was the one place where I could truly be myself, despite my hair colour (see the next section for the deets on that).


5. Volunteering to be on the library club in Grade 9, and not possessing the wisdom to recognize the error of my ways. At least I didn't have to pay overdue fines.

4. Just anything to do with the in crowd. May they all be leading shattered lives filled with debt, divorce and substance abuse problems. And that's just for the first two years.

3. Discovering one fateful September that one of my so-called friends slept with my so-called boyfriend while I was working at a summer camp.

2. Getting so drunk at a cast party that I puked onto the host's stereo system. London Calling by The Clash was on the turntable at the time. Yes, we played LPs back then. On the following Monday, rumours of my death had circulated through the school at least four times. This was before cell phones or text messaging.

1. Dying my hair blue-black. When the roots grew in, I looked like a skunk. And I wondered why no one asked me to the prom.

Man, those were fun days. Okay, maybe not all of them. ;)