While commenting on a post by fellow Write-On Katy, I suggested that maybe, just maybe, the writers who say that the key to success in writing is to actually sit down and write every day might have something there. Go figure.

So we've harnessed the power of transatlantic peer pressure and have challenged each other to write for at least half an hour a day, every day. Just a wee 30 minutes. No big, when there are 1440 of them in a day.

And there'll be none of this "oh, I'll just do a bunch of time on the weekend" stuff. That's where we keep losing our way -- by stepping away from the keyboard long enough to forget where our characters were and what needs to be worked on next.

It's a bit scary because it almost sounds like work. Doing the same thing every day. :::shivers at the thought:::

But this is what we really want to do, so if we need to come up with a fun little way to keep us on track, so be it. It's already worked for me today... and I even kept it up for an entire hour before I realized that I needed to revise a magazine article that's due tomorrow. Rats.

But the article's done now, so I'll be getting back to Suds (my working title) right after I finish this post. Oh, that's my cue...