Had a very intriguing day today. For the past little while, I had been picking up super-chunks-o-weird vibes from some friends. I'd send out emails to suggest getting together and my mailbox would fill with regrets due to overly busy lives.

So I did a little ambush and suggested a last-minute lunch, fully expecting folks to be handcuffed to their desks or expecting alien abductions. But everyone could make it. Excellent.

Of course, this made me start thinking. What if that weird vibe was still there? Would I have to be the one to bring it up? Or would I just stick to Plan A and politely smile and let my thoughts run wild all weekend about what wasn't being said. (Remember, I get paid to be creative.)

Then came the announcement that explained all those vibes away: one of my girlfriends has been leading a double life for a number of months. It's very cool actually. And not life-threatening or illegal.

I'm not at liberty to discuss all the details, but let's just say that someone has been spending her time very wisely. There's even a fabulous trip in the near future, lucky girl.

Oh, did I mention the meal was tasty?

My half hour of writing today has been sponsored by Holly Lisle's One-Pass Manuscript Revision. There is a lot of red ink in my future, and I don't need psychic junk mail to tell me that.

This weekend is also being highlighted by a Toronto Contesting Club meeting, which has been set up by Carolyn Wilman, the Contest Queen of Canada. I can't wait - there are going to be door prizes and everything. Woot!