It's been a frightfully productive weekend and there are two reasons why:

1. The phone lines on the street were damaged, making it impossible to phone or get online until this evening.

2. The DH was working crazy-weird shifts, so I could hog the computer and stay focused on the edits.

And while I love Holly Lisle's concept of the One Pass Manuscript Revision, I know I'm going to have to do a final, final proof once it's all together. Mainly to catch missing quotation marks and wonky dashes. Oh, and the whole time/space continuum thing.

The Penguins of Panic camped out on my broken front step, but I wouldn't let them in the door. Even when they had candy.

My father denies any involvement with said broken step and even came over on Friday to assist the DH in a makeshift repair to prevent small costumed children from falling to their deaths...or just scraped kneecaps.

My parents visited to provide some slave labour ( Mom brought her sewing machine and hemmed every piece of clothing I own) and also enjoy a delightful evening of spooky storytelling at Montgomery's Inn, a historic site in our neighbourhood.

We even had the opportunity to try and solve the chilling tale of a maid's murder at the Inn, which included a walk-through where the ghosts of the 18th-century story came back to life, showing us what really happened.

It was pretty neat, and they even served pie and cider at the break. ;)

Speaking of scary rituals, here's a shout-out to Katy, who finally got married this weekend and is off to Rome for a lovely honeymoon.