You know, when you're all caught up with being part of a cool television show and learning how to fit exercise into your life, some things may fall by the wayside. Like filing, invoicing, housework, yardwork, laundry, flossing, clutter-busting...oh, and maybe that career thing. ;)

Egads. Today was a sad, sad reminder of how I love to fit 48 hours into one day. It can be done; all you need is a pair of skinny jeans, some tin foil and gravity-defying sneakers.

Not that I don't love what I do, it's just that, at about 10:30 today, I couldn't keep track of what I was doing. After a few emails too many I started smelling smoke. My system had clearly jammed...right before I was about to interview a prominent professional for an article that I have due later this week.

The poor man. I hope he misinterpreted my quiet, non-Bonnie nature as calm grace under pressure instead of total brain paralysis.

Hmmm, maybe he could have recommended something for that. ;)

So, what does a stressed out desk monkey do when the going gets tough? She goes to the gym. You read that correctly. I, Bonnie Staring, of my own free will, jumped onto a bus (after paying, of course) and went to the gym.

Deadlines? What deadlines? I was a woman in need of a break, a distraction...even a chocolate fountain. And yes, maybe I was feeling a little schlumpy since I hadn't done much over the past few days. Unless lifting a 10-pound cat counts for something.

All I can say is, it felt good to sweat. And no one is pointing a gun at my head while I post this. Pinkie swear.

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