It's been a very interesting week... no, it hasn't, I'm a total liar. There's snow on the ground again and I really don't like my winter boots, but all the ones on sale are only available in size 6 or 10. So yeah, I'm not too happy.

"I'd rather be napping."
It's pretty sad when you'd rather be unconscious than face your WIP, but that's what happened to me this week. And how can I focus on character motivation and plot when the couch looks so darn comfortable?

Sure, I needed to be awake for the work that pays the bills, but then the sandman would come calling -- and I was ready to answer with a resounding yawn. Then the snoring started. Le sigh.

And it saddens me that the only thing my WIP is motivating me to doright now is nap. That says a lot about how captivating my novel is at the moment. LOL

So what's a writer to do? Well, for now, I'm going to take a wee break and have that nap. Obviously my body needs it, and maybe it'll give my subconscious a chance to work up some fabulous ideas I haven't thought of yet.

Well, here's hoping...