In Ontario, we have a holiday in February called Family Day. I think it means we're supposed to spend more time with our families since all the malls are closed. ;)

As a freelancer, it's not really a holiday for me, but DH, Zaphod the cat and I all spent some quality time together between the laundry and Dr. Phil. And we will again watching 24 and Heroes. Actually, the cat gets kind of cranky during 24 with all the gunshots and shouting. Hmm, the same applies to Heroes as well, go figure.

But the best part of Family Day was taking Zaphod for his first outdoor walk of 2009. Yes, we have an indoor cat, but he comes from a feral family (he was an abandoned runt of the litter) and longs to go outside. He tells us this by meowling (a cross between a howl and a meow) at the door until someone with opposable thumbs gets the hint.

We even have a harness and a leash for him. No, he doesn't like it, but those are the rules.

My poor kitten isn't the same size as he was back in October. That's because he's finally fully grown. When I tried to put the harness on, one of the straps didn't reach. At all. I had to extend it to the longest setting, and then I asked Zaphod to exhale as I did up the latch.

We'll have to hook him up with a medium-sized harness when the stores are open tomorrow.

Even if he was feeling self-conscious about his weight gain, he didn't seem to care as he bolted out the front door and immediately rolled around on the porch, the sidewalk, the driveway and chased a squirrel up a tree.

For him, life is good. Now I just have to find him before he leaves little bits of dirt all over the place.

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