This has been the most productive week yet on my WIP - I've added 8,000 marvelous words to this puppy. And now my brain is tired.

It appears that the advice about actually sitting down and writing does work. Who knew? I could have sworn elves did most of the work. Now I know that's just a dream - like Wang Chung making it big again. Sigh.

I was this close to the big 4-0, but getting to 39K is pretty darn cool. It means I'm practically halfway there. Just mere steps away from going down the other side of the mountain. Mt. WIP, featuring a trecherous climb that few survive.

Okay, lots of writers do, but we're talking about me right now. You know, the one who thinks 2,000 words is too long.

Something tells me that this isn't going to get any easier, but I'm an optimist. August 1 is right around the corner, and I don't have time for "I'll do it laters" or "maybe tomorrows" - I gotta get this done NOW.

Okay, not right now, but it's only 5 weeks away! YIKES!