I really thought this journey was going to be a whole lot easier. A few years back I completed NaNoWriMo with only a slight case of carpel tunnel syndrome. 50K in 30 days didn't seem all that hard once I got it done. It's now taken me much longer than I care to admit to generate this current WIP's word count.

And I don't even have a stinkin' day job to blame for my lack of progress. That's the hardest part. I should be getting at least 10 pages done a day with my eyes closes, or at least crossed.

After consulting with my collection of self-help books and my trusted 8-ball, I have discovered what the problem is: my internal editor is sabotaging my progress.

I kind of suspected this since I've seen her hanging out by the fridge, the back door and near the couch. She just looks so much like me that I thought DH had put up some extra mirrors to celebrate the summer solstice. Or the World Cup. He's always been hip to the new scene.

So I consulted with a published author on my dilemma. You may know her work: Bitten & Smitten and the recently released Angel with Attitude. Her advice?

"Write now, edit later."

Which reminds me, I have a WIP to get back to. TTFN