Happy Canada Day to everyone celebrating with the official routine of realizing that you're out of groceries and beer and all the stores are closed. I will also celebrate by killing off a large percentage of the weeds in the garden.

I hadn't been back there in a while, and right now you can't get back there. My poor daisies had no room to grow, so they gave up and moved to the Joneses. Sigh.

In other weird news, the band KISS is hoping to become the next Starbucks with - get this - KISS Coffeehouses. Poor Gene Simmons, he's been wanting to do something cool every since Ozzy got his own show, so he'd putting his cash into coffee.

I can just see it now:

1. All staff, male or female, will be named "Beth".

2. Free face painting on Saturdays.

3. Last call will be announced with the playing of "I Want to Rock and Roll All Night".

4. All the spoons have an odd tongue-like appearance.

Can't wait until they come to Canada.