Okay, I had to share this photo, just because of the look on that poor dog's face.

Today has been a Polar Express kind of day. Not the Polar Express Christmas story, but the carnival ride that goes backwards in a circle to really loud rock music and there's the creepy operator constantly screaming "Do ya wanna go faster?". And, if you're really lucky, the ex-football player has the inner seat and slowly squashes you to death to the tune of Sweet Child of Mine.

Okay, my day was better than that, but it did seem to spin a bit. Here's the play-by-play:

9:00 - show up at writing/proofing gig (last day of a 2-day stint)
10:30 - receive word that my next gig, running Wed - Wed, has been postponed
10:35 - freak out over loss of income, then thank the heavens for giving me some time to get other stuff done
11:30 - a party I was really looking forward to in 2 weeks gets cancelled
11:35 - become sad that this party and SPAMALOT were my only highlights for July
11:40 - become sadder still as I realize that I am looking forward to SPAMALOT
1:30 - have written 1K for the WIP on my lunch hour, sweet
3:00 - realize that due to party cancellation, I can stay at cottage longer
4:00 - get another gig for next week, now that I'm freed up by postponement of other gig
6:00 - meet girlfriends for dinner and go to see Menopause Out Loud, a hilarious musical about...three guesses. Laughed out loud. A lot
11:00 - arrive home to a message from another friend asking if she can give my name to one of her colleagues who is looking for an editor for her book
11:45 - panic as I look over blog entry, calm myself down with spider dog photo

Good thing I have the next few days to get the magazine articles researched and written.

I must go to Bermuda more often, it's done wonders for my career!