I've just finished writing the article that will help me achieve one of my top five goals: getting published in a major Canadian women's magazine.

I'm giddy because, even after waiting a day to go over it one last time, I still like parts of it.

This is very good news. Why? If I loved the whole thing, it would be horrible. Have had that happen way too many times before. So I prefer to like certain parts and expect to change others...hopefully not all.

Getting an 1,800-word article done has put a damper on the WIP progress, and I won't even go there on the other two articles which remain to be completed.

It's all doable. Just not today. :::crosses fingers with hope that the revised article will be due AFTER August 1:::

Congratulations Italy! And what's up with that French head-butting dude?

Okay, maybe I didn't spend all day writing. Sue me.