But you don't want to hear about that. Heck, neither do I.

So I did something a little bit out of the ordinary today. I auditioned for a game show. Don't get too excited; it's a CANADIAN game show, so the prizes offered add up to about $20. Or a case of beer.

I found out about the contestant-seeking game show through one of the newsletters I get from mandy.com. A cool site if you're into film and television gigs in Canada. I filled out an electronic application form of some kind about a month ago, then figures that they deemed me as a complete loser and deleted the file.

Then they sent me an email LATE yesterday, inviting me to a casting session. For today.

So much for their people calling my people. Anyway...

I was able to get away from the current proofreading gig an hour early in order to reach the CASTING LOCATION on time. (Don't know why I put that in all caps, but it looks cool.) Walked in, was greeted by some really skinny people and had to fill out the same application form all over again. Whatevs.

They took five of us downstairs to the secret meth lab (kidding) to do a round of the game. At this point I can say that I was not the leader of the pack, nor the loser.

I'll be finding out in the next week or so if I'll be a contestant. Until then, I'll see if I can catch reruns of the show in order to increase my chances of winning the coveted $20 prize!

I love this country, really I do.