OMG, I hit 50K today on the WIP. Basically 4K in one day, a new record for this Write-On member.

When stuff like this happens, who does one blame? Gun violence? Ottawa youths peeing on the grave of the Unknown Soldier? The World Cup? La-No-Wri-Mo?

I don't know, but I hope I can keep this up. August 1 is looming in the distance. Major loomage. It's almost blocking the CN Tower.

I'm working on site for a government-type office this week, which pays really well but denies me access to a computer. (I'm proofing printouts, and for some reason they think access to the Internet may distract me...even more so than the voices.)

So I must use a pen and paper to work on my current projects. It's kind of cool. The ink appears on the paper in these freaky forms and then I have to decipher them when I return to the computer at home base. So here's what I'm up to this week:

1. On-site proofing work during business hours
2. Magazine article for major women's magazine (I'll announce it when I get the publication date)
3. Magazine article for a magazine I haven't written for before on a topic that is new to me (very nervous, but that possible?)
4. Regular column for Performance In Motion magazine
5. Sending out new ideas to magazines so I have work next month
6. Creating content for my new website - coming soon
7. Reaching 80K on my WIP

Okay, I put in everything for this month instead of this week, but it is possible. As long as I don't sleep, watch television or enter contests.

Okay, my brain's exploded. Bonnie out.