I had McDonald's for lunch three days in a row this week. Oops.

Now, I could have brown-bagged it, but the office I was in had a kitchen fridge that should have been condemned. My Tuesday lunch almost didn't survive, even with the protection of a super-hefty Ziplock container.

So I looked at the lonely $20 bill in my wallet (remember, I haven't won the millions from a game show at this point yet) and considered my possibilities in order to make it last over three days.

Snacks were already taken care of with ever-so-tasty Special K Breakfast Bars and fresh fruit. My budget was $6.65 a day. Great.

Did I mention that my lunch "hour" consisted of only 30 minutes? I needed something quick, tasty and easy on the pocketbook.

Then the Golden Arches appeared before me, beckoning.

"Welcome Bonnie, we've been waiting for you."

"No, I really can't. I still have nightmares from seeing Super Size Me."

"Don't believe everything you see in a documentary. We're proud to offer healthy choices."

"Healthy as compared to what?"

"Come in and have a look. We won't bite."

So I went in, and instantly fell under the influence of the scent of the fries. I even ordered a Value Meal Combo. For $4.23. I promised myself I'd order something more nutritious the next day. Like a Happy Meal.

I had every intention of buying a soup combo at the local Tim Hortons when the temperatures rose to stifling levels. In my mind anyway. And the Tim's didn't have enough tables for me to enjoy my lunch on site.

McDonald's, however, had plenty of spots. This time I ordered the extra value meal with a side salad instead of the fries. Oh, and a yogurt parfait. All for the awesome price of only $6.36.

Friday, always considered to be a day for celebratory consumption of artery-clogging foods, had me returning to purchase an oven roasted turkey sandwich. On whole wheat with a side salad. No yogurt. $7.96.

Case in point: eating healthy costs more. And if you only had $5 for lunch, you're SOL.

While part of me feels like I've sold my soul, I still have $1.45 left. For a chocolate bar :)